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The KNOW-HOW3000 News present posts from TAs, Sector- and Programme Coordinators and the Knowledge Management Team as well as other members of the KH3000 community about current activities and developments, gives personal insights into the projects and Partner Organisations, discusses technical topics, challenges and solutions concerning the daily life of TAs and partners and offers the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge. The news contents therefore specifically address the HORIZONT3000 knowledge community consisting of TAs, H3 staff, Partner Organisations and Member Organisations. Contents are presented in English and Spanish to effectively reach these target groups.

For (German) news from the Vienna Headquarter, interviews with returnees and other H3 information directed towards the Austrian and general public, click here.

  • LeMuSiCa’s First Learning Visits

    Published: November 18, 2021; On November 3 and 4, LeMuSiCa conducted the first learning visits funded by HORIZONT3000's KNOW-HOW3000 programme. First, we visited the SOS Children's Village in Chimoio. On the second day, we got the chance to get to know the organisation Girl Child Rights and their hotline "Child Speaks". Read on to find out more about the two productive learning visits.

  • Announcement: KNOWLYMPICS 2022

    Published: November 15, 2021; We are announcing the next edition of our KNOWLYMPICS with a special interest focus: Agroecology in Times of Climate Change.


    Published: October 19, 2021; Rescue Dada Centre had to make sure that the staff would ‘turn to each other’ to commonly address what they all cared about – the lives of the former street connected girls and their families. A success story about change!

  • Interview Series – TA Report with Magdalena Schneidhofer

    Published: October 18, 2021; Magdalena Schneidhofer, TA at Justice Centre Uganda, talks about her experience as a TA and all of the goals achieved and the challenges faced together with her partner organisation.

  • Interview Series – Programme Report 2020: Mozambique

    Published: October 18, 2021; Elisabeth Moder, Programme Coorindator of Mozambique and Sector Coordinator of Human Rights and Civil Society, shares her point of view on the reports 2020 with us. We talked about suprises, lessons learned and highlights that came along with the report process.

  • LeMuSiCa: Valid legal situation – a brush-up

    Published: September 30, 2021; After having participated successfully in the KNOWLYMPICS2020 with the Good Practice: "Engaging men and boys in the fight against gender-based-violence", LeMuSica used the prize money to conduct a 3-day workshop.

  • Interview Series – Programme Report 2020: Central America

    Published: September 30, 2021; We invited our colleague Kristina Kroyer, programme coordinator of Central America, to share her thoughts on the process, highlights, lessons learned and surprises with us.

  • Interview Series – Programme Report 2020: East Africa

    Published: August 31, 2021; Ulrike Bey, Programme Coorindator of Kenya and Tanzania, shares her point of view on the reports 2020 with us. We talked about suprises, lessons learned and highlights that came along with the report process.

  • Solomon Mbubi: New Member of the KM Team

    Published: September 1, 2021; The Knowledge Management Team of HORIZONT3000 is happy to introduce you to a new, motivated and highly appreciated team player: Solomon Mbubi. Solomon has taken over the coordination of KNOW-HOW3000 in East Africa and will support our Technical Advisors as well as the Partner Organisation with their KNOW-HOW3000 activities.

  • Interview Series – Programme Report 2020: Senegal

    Published: August 24, 2021; In this post Jasmin Thomas, Programme Coordinator of Senegal, shares her personal point of view on the programme report 2020 with us as well as the biggest lessons learned, surprises and highlights.

  • Launch of Resource Mobilisation Manual

    Published: August 16, 2021; On 21st July 2021 KNOW-HOW3000 launched a resource mobilisation guide to all our colleagues and partners. We have noticed that our partners in East Africa need support in increasing their capacity to mobilise resources – be it to raise funds from donors or to generate income from social enterprises.

  • Insights from our Knowledge Management Kick-off Event in Mozambique

    Published: July 20, 2021; On May 19th and 20th 2021 the team of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique met in Beira to discuss the topic of knowledge management and the knowledge management program of HORIZONT3000, called KNOW-HOW3000. It was the first time, such an event took place, and it was a great success!


    Published: June 16, 2021; The past year and the global pandemic brought many challenges for MIRIAM. We overcame most of them with a lot of solidarity, creativity, patience and understanding from all those involved.

  • Learnings from the Community of Practice “Social Enterprise Development”

    Published: June 7, 2021; CoPs have been described to be challenging to operationalize in an organizational setting and also our CoP “Social Enterprise Development” had a bumpy start but managed to be revived successfully in 2021.

  • COVID-19: Being a woman in a digital and a real world in crisis

    Published: April 13, 2021; In this text Gloria Alzate, director of our partner organisation Conciudadanía in Colombia, summarises the situation and the difficulties that women are facing in terms of COVID-19 and virtuality. She also shares a video that was made to highlight what is needed to achieve more equity and equality between women and men.

  • The KNOWLYMPICS 20/21 Winners

    Published: April 06, 2021; Ten Partner Organisations from six different countries have joined and shared ten very valuable experiences with you and the HORIZONT3000 Knowledge network.

  • Colombia: Give Peace a Chance

    Published: March 9, 2021; Michaela Söllinger is an unusual new Technical Advisor: She is the first TA ever to set out on an assignment for peace. Since november 2020, she works in Antioquia, a Colombian state, where she has joined a project run by the "Austrian Fellowship of Reconciliation" with HORIZONT3000.

  • Walking a Tightrope Under Covid-19

    Published: December 21, 2020; I went to Mozambique at the end of 2019 as an Entrepreneurship Technical Advisor. Since then, I have been working together with Young Africa (YA) apprenticeship training institutions to provide vocational training to youth and young adults in Mozambique.

  • Unlocking Potential: Talking about Knowledge Management with Mary Gatitu, Director of Rescue Dada Centre

    Published: December 9, 2020; News Report on Online Session Series “Knowledge Management for Beginners” - HORIZONT3000’s partner organisations in East Africa have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that could contribute to the achievements of their strategic goals.

  • Promoting Knowledge Management in East Africa

    Last week we completed our first KNOWHOW3000 online session series on knowledge management in East Africa! For 4 sessions, between 50 and 100 of our partners and colleagues worldwide joined together to learn more about knowledge management and to share their experiences. We were happy to see participants being excited…

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