Published: May 20, 2019

Did you already get to know the magnificent work the organisation Fundación entre Mujeres (FEM) does on a daily basis? If not, this video poses a great opportunity for you to do so. Meet the women behind the organisation and learn what their work is all about. Click below and watch the video here:

The video was created by EUROsociaAL during a workshop on the reintegration of young women into the job market.
Our partner organisation FEM is based in Nicaragua. They have been supporting women in getting access to land and income generating activities since 1994. By now, they have expanded their fields of activities to health care for women and the fight against domestic violence and illiteracy. Over 600 female members have joined their cause. Within the scope of the organisation’s work they have even initiated a brand called “Las Diosas” (The Goddesses) selling coffee, jam, honey, wine and other agricultural products that they produce.

If you got curious now and you want to know more about the inspiring work of FEM, you should take a look at the experience they shared with us during the KNOWLYMPICS 2017:

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah is part of the Knowledge Management Team in Vienna and in charge of the KNOW-HOW3000 platform. She is eager to provide all the tools the KNOW-HOW3000 community hopes to find on the internet platform. So if you have any requests, questions, recommendations or comments regarding the platform, please get in touch with her. She is always happy to hear from you.

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