Pre departure – visiting the ABCstar Bloggerconference

This blogpost might seem a bit out of topic, but I hope that on a closer look you will see it fitting in this news section.

So, what happened? I attended a Conference for Blogger and Influencer, the ABCstar – Austrian Blogger Conference. I have some history with this event, but that is another story. As TAs writing for our brand-new news-section we could call ourselves Blogger as well – am I right? Content production works similar and yet so different in diverse fields – so I tried to extract some things I learned from this conference to share it with you.

A strange location with a history of failure


Did any of you ever see an nuclear power plant from the inside? There is one place in Austria you can visit: the (in)famous AKW (For Atomkraftwerk) Zwentendorf. On their Website you can read the whole history.
The keynotes of the conference were held at the garage of the AKW, with stable 16-18 degrees celsius (even though there were about 35 outside).  What we learned in one of the keynotes ‚learning from failure – AKW Zwentendorf as an example‘ was that his building has 40 years history of failure behind it, it costed a fortune and yet it turned out to be something positive:
It shows the power of protest, is an example for participation of the civil society, and it’s the birth of the green party in Austria. It has a photovoltaik system on it’s rooftop, is currently used as a training facility, as a film location and more.

Learnings from the workshops

I will keep this short and simple, there are some tools and suggestions for those of you who work in content production which I collected in workshops:
Some of the Applications are for free or cheap licenses available (i.e. Adobe Elements)

Applications for Graphics, Design and Fotos:

(Mobile) Applications for Video editing

Applications for Video/Audio editing


For video production, depending on what you want to use the end product for, a mobile phone could be good enough. There are even cinema movies, which have been recorded with mobile phones. But certainly, the better and the more expensive the camera, the better might be the outcome.
A good lightning and of course a microphone and a tripod helps the video too look more professional.
I also attended a workshop for podcast production with Andreas Sator, a journalist of who writes about development, responsibility, climate, economy and more on Der Standard (Alles gut?). He publishes the podcast ‘Erklär mir die Welt’ and on his blog he provides information about audio production.
Do you want to share your favorite tools for content production? Did I forget anything important? Please comment below…


Eva Gaderer

Eva Gaderer

Eva was a flying TA in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua in the area of social communication.

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