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Interview Series - TA Report with Magdalena Schneidhofer

: Published: October 18, 2021:

What are our TAs up to? I took the interview series as an opportunity to catch up with some of our Technical Advisors and see what they have to tell us about their projects, challenges, hightlights, lessons learned etc.: : This is how I came to have a very interesting conversation with Magdalena Schneidhofer, TA at Justice Centre …

Learning about Resource Mobilisation made easy!

: Published: November 29, 2021:

Financial stability and income diversification are high-priority topics for our partner organisations worldwide. The East Africa region has taken up the demand for this topic, developed a resource mobilisation guide and facilitated an innovative training series under the KNOW-HOW3000 programme.

For the development of the guide three Technical Advisors for Resource Mobilisation, Agnes Koechl, Lisa Nixdorf und …

Returnee Meeting 2021: A Space of Meaningful Encounters

: Published: December 15, 2021:

We had a party! On November 6, 2021 we celebrated the Returnee Meeting at the Gabrium close to Vienna. It was a remarkable event and I talked to Sabine Selinger, who organized the wonderful get together, about how she experienced it. This is what she told me about it:

Sabine, you just threw a huge party for the …

Interview Series: TA Report with Anne Terheggen

: Published: January 12, 2022:

Yes, its been a while, since we last published one of our report interviews. However, the topic did not become any less relevant in the meantime. Thats why our first news post of 2022 features a conversation I was lucky to have with Anne Terheggen back in 2021. Anne is a Technical Advisor in West Nile, …

Mango, Banana, and Eucalyptus: Reforestation and Climate Action at YAAT, Mozambique

: Published: July 21, 2022:

: Purpose and area of work:

Young Africa Agri-Tech (YAAT) is an agricultural training centre for disadvantaged youths located in Dondo, Sofala Province. It is part of Young Africa Mozambique and currently has an average of about 350 enrolled students. The YAAT farm is producing vegetables, maize, rice, beans etc. as well as slaughter …

INTERVIEW! "They learn from each other as much as they learn from us."

: Published: September 15, 2022:

Since the beginning of 2022, Renate Sova has begun a new chapter in her work with HORIZONT3000. From her base in Guatemala, she is not only guiding the Knowledge Management Programme for 14 Central American partner organisations, but she is also working simultaneously as a Technical Advisor (TA) for three of those organisations. In addition, …

Child & Youth Protection Policies: Lessons from Central America

Published: September 6, 2023

In 2021 I began one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life, providing technical advice to DKA, HORIZONT3000, and kfb partner organisations in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, The purpose? To formulate or update these oganisation’s policies for the protection of children and adolescents. 

Art workshop for a child-friendly version of policies in El Salvador
Protection policies aim to guarantee …

Interview! Marjú Changanja on Communication, Knowledge Management and Gender

: Published: September 14, 2023:

Most local NGOs in Mozambique do not have dedicated communications staff. Instead, it is common for a member of the staff to allocate a portion of their working time each week or month to communication activities. At the end of 2021, I joined Associação ESMABAMA with the challenge of establishing the Communications Department from scratch, a …

Learning Visit: Coffee project of Gorongosa National Park

: Published: November 27, 2023:

At the beginning of 2023 a Community of Practice (CoP) was created by HORIZONT3000 with the objective to exchange relevant experiences and gain new knowledge about Agro-forestry Systems in Mozambique between various partner organizations. The Coffee project of the Gorongosa National Park is seen as a successful agroforestry example in Mozambique. Of course, the members …

Walking a Tightrope Under Covid-19

: Published: December 21, 2020:


I have to admit, this is a somewhat attention-grabbing title for an experience report that attempts to describe the balancing act that my work as an advisor in the development sector in Mozambique in 2020 entailed. What do I mean here by tightrope walk?

I went to Mozambique at …

Learnings from the Community of Practice “Social Enterprise Development”

: Published: June 7, 2021:

The Community of Practice “Social Enterprise Development” was founded in 2020 by a group of HORIZONT3000 Technical Advisors from all around the globe. A Community of Practice (CoP) is formed by a group of people, who have a common interest in the same topics and seek to learn together and from each other (Wenger, E, McDermott, R, …

Insights from our Knowledge Management Kick-off Event in Mozambique

: Published: July 20, 2021:

On May 19th and 20th 2021 the team of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique met in Beira to discuss the topic of knowledge management and the knowledge management program of HORIZONT3000, called KNOW-HOW3000. It was the first time, such an event took place, and it was a great success!

What were the main objectives of the workshop?: : The first …

Launch of Resource Mobilisation Manual

: Published: August 16, 2021:

On 21st July 2021 KNOW-HOW3000 launched a resource mobilisation guide to all our colleagues and partners. We have noticed that our partners in East Africa need support in increasing their capacity to mobilise resources – be it to raise funds from donors or to generate income from social enterprises. While trainings or individual consultancies are very effective …

The shared responsability for wellbeing of women and men

: Published: October 13, 2020:

COVID-19 has put our world upside-down and the planning of the KNOW-HOW3000 activities in Central America was not spared either. We had to adapt to a new reality, which translated to diving into a virtual world.: : A crucial challenge for 2020 was to follow-up on outcomes of the gender diagnosis that had been carried out last year among …

Papua New Guinea - The End or the Beginning?

: Published: September 21, 2020:

A personal essay of a returnee

I am sitting in the train on my way through the beautiful Austrian alps. Lush green, blue lakes, pleasant temperatures. I’ve been back „home“ for three months now and still it makes me sad, whenever Papua comes to my mind. I decide to use the time of my train ride to put …

A day in the life of a Technical Advisor: Peter Tantius

: Published: September 15, 2020:

The Knowledge Management team is always busy trying to make knowledge transfers possible and easier between members of our community. Recently, Peter Tantius, Technical Advisor (TA) in Mozambique, has supported our intentions often. He got in touch with us in order to share several documents that he thought might be of benefit for other projects as well …

Non-profit and for-profit hand in hand?

: Published: July 15, 2020:

First steps towards collaboration between organic farmers and the tourism and gastronomy sector in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Biosphere Reserve in El Salvador.

In 2007 UNESCO declared a natural area in the West of El Salvador as the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Biosphere Reserve (RBA-I for its Spanish abbreviation). The goal of this declaration is to minimize conflict between development and conservation. The …

„Trafficking in Persons Report" Hero Award

: Published: July 8, 2020:

Every year the US Department of State produces the “Trafficking in Persons Report” that asses the efforts done by governments around the globe in combating human trafficking and modern slavery. The report is one of the most important annual publications in the comparative assessment of global efforts against human trafficking.

In the report, the Department …

Covid-19 - Working Situation of TAs in Central America: Tools and Thoughts

: Published: June 8, 2020:

Since the beginning of the Corona Crisis certainly a lot has changed. The goal of this article is to take a closer look at the realities of the daily working routines of our TAs and at the implications for knowledge management. Since digitalization processes cannot be neglected when talking about knowledge transfer, it is also important to …

Soil Conservation and Evaluation in Mozambique

: Published: January 20, 2020:

Any sustainable farming operation will have to consider that soils are a crucial and diminishing resource in agricultural production. Soils take a long time to form (thousands of years) and can be destroyed within just a few years. Fertile land is essential for sustaining agriculture. The productivity of land has, however, decreased due to more intensive use …

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