Target Group of the Platform

We differentiate between direct and indirect target group of the KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform. Target group is defined here as those who are making experiences, know-how and similar knowledge directly available for all the other users and visitors (or – in other words – for all the direct beneficiaries) through e.g. uploading content to this platform. Indirect beneficiaries are defined as those who get content forwarded from direct beneficiaries, more or less because they do not have any availablity of internet or access to this platform.

Direct Target Group

So, the direct target group of the KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform consists of all the stakeholders in the HORIZONT3000 network who are making content directly avaliable for all the other stakeholders:

  • Technical Advisors in the field
  • HORIZONT3000 staff in the Head Office in Vienna
  • HORIZONT3000 Regional Offices in Central America and East Africa
  • HORIZONT3000 Country Offices in Mozambique and Papua New Guinea
  • the 9 Member Organisations of HORIZONT3000

Indirect Target Group

The indirect target group of the KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform are all those stakeholders who are contributing indirectly, but still benefitting directly from to the content available here:

  • Partner Organisations from the countries of the global south
  • Public and Private Donors (EU, Austrian Development Cooperation, LED, etc.)
  • Cooperation Partners (NGOs, Universities, Institutions, etc.)

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