Videos: Communitiy of Practice Meeting “Familia Campesina”

Published: November 15, 2019

On October 22 and 23, 2019, participants from several HORIZONT3000 Partner Organisations from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala met at the PACAMAN Training Center (CCDA) in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala.

The topic of this Community of Practice (Familia Campesina – Peasant Family) was “Strategies for the promotion of agroecology facing the effects of Climate Change”.

(Participants talk about the CoP as an instrument, the objective and their perspectives)

The Communities of Practice (CoP) are spaces to share mutual interests, motivation and desire to deepen or debate on particular issues; and then multiply them with their target group through the continuous interaction of a group, exchanging and building knowledge based on problems and specific practices of each organisation.

The Communities consist of representatives and/or delegates from the technical teams of the Partner Organisations that work with HORIZONT3000 and/or with its Member Organisations. The objective is to build specialized knowledge, share learnings and practices based on shared reflection about the experiences of each of the CoP members and use it as a tool to achieve the development and transformations of society and the target groups.

An important issue throughout the event was the role of women in the peasant family


(Discussion on the role of women in the peasant family from a feminist perspective)

After the event the presentation of the “Gender Analysis” took place. A blog post about that topic containing an interview is available here.

Eva Gaderer

Eva Gaderer

Eva was a flying TA in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua in the area of social communication.

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