Human Rights and Civil Society

Our Objectives with Human Rights & Civil Society

Together with our Partner Organisations we strive to contribute to

the empowerment and participation above all of women, children and young persons, the disadvantaged rural population and indigenous people

the protection and compliance of women’s, youth and children’s rights as well as land right’s, and the improvement of the legal basis and a budget raise for the concerns of the target groups

the networking and sustainable strengthening of the Partner Organisations

Our Focus Areas in the Human Rights & Civil Society Sector

Empowerment & Participation

What we do & why we do it

Together with our Partner Organisations we ally with our target groups and raise awareness for their own rights. We focus on trainings and support members of the communities in leadership and political participation in order to improve the living conditions and the development of local communities, to increase their influence in public decision processes and to enforce their own rights. In the long run, together we strive to contribute to a fairer society and higher quality of life for everyone.

Thus, HORIZONT3000 is currently working in three core areas in order to contribute to empowerment and participation of the main target groups:

  1. Awareness raising and information on rights
  2. Training in leadership and participation
  3. Economic empowerment


Human Rights Enforcement

What we do & why we do it

Together with our Partner Organisations we work towards improving the human rights situation in our partner countries. Persons affected by human rights violations can receive direct and holistic assistance as well as support in driving change through (policy) dialogue. Our approach on the one hand involves civil society and its target groups as rights holders; on the other hand duty-bearers as authorities and (local) governments to assure the compliance with human rights.

HORIZONT3000 focuses on four main areas for human rights enforcement:

  1. Training in human rights (women’s and children’s, indigenous and land rights)
  2. Assistance fighting human rights violations
  3. Advocacy/lobbying for human rights, improving legislations and good governance
  4. Awareness campaigns and sensitisation work on human rights

Partner Organisation Network

What we do & why we do it

Our Partner Organisations’ overall goal in this sector is to protect and enforce the target groups’ rights and to strenghten civil society. The more organisations connect and work together for this cause, the louder their voices are, the more people become aware of their claims, the more pressure is put on duty-bearers and the bigger the impact they make.

That’s the reason why HORIZONT3000 strives to support Partner Organisations in:

  1. Networking and exchanging with other actors
  2. Organisational development (mainly via the Technical Assistance Programme)





Capacity Development within the Human Rights & Civil Society Sector


Together with our Partner Organisations we raise awareness of and provide information on human rights among marginalised groups. In cases of human rights violations we try to best assist the affected persons in order to enforce their own rights.


Strengthening and promoting networks and exchanges not only among our Partner Organisations, but also with external actors, is one of our priorities. Our technical advisor programme tries to do just that by encouraging the organisational development of our Partners.


Together with our Partners we provide trainings for leadership and political participation and to fight human rights violations. We back up human rights advocacy to put pressure towards good governance and legislations that comply with human rights. Besides, we team up with the media and the public to lobby for and incorporate human rights.

Our Cross-Cutting Issues: Gender & Environment

HORIZONT3000 aims to consider and promote Gender Equality and Environmental Protection in all programmes and projects.

HORIZONT3000, our donors and partners – we all agree on gender equality being at the very centre for sustainable development. Therefore, we include a gender perspective in all programmes and projects, adapt the interventions to the needs of different gender identities and promote equal opportunities for all human beings regardless of their gender.

Together with our Partner Organisations we work often with women, youth and children in the Human Rights and Civil Society Sector. However, men are included as well, since gender equality can only come with all individuals involved.

Projects that correspond to the sector of Human Rights and Civil Society have less impact on the environment than the Rural Development projects for instance. This is due to the fact that most activities in this sector cover trainings, meetings and mobilisations. However, as change starts with the little things, you can also make a difference by choosing environmentally friendly material for trainings or try to reduce the waste production throughout the organisation.

That way even activities in this sector could serve as good practice examples for the participants and local communities. At all times, trainings should be sensitive to cultural as well as to the physical environments and promote skills for sustainable production and life-styles.

Tools for Human Rights & Civil Society Work on the Platform

What can the platform do in order to support the pursuit of the objectives and the work within the focus areas? The platform provides sector specific information, promotes know-how transfer, creates a space for knowledge exchange and connects the right people for the right task.

Sector Coordination


Elisabeth Moder is the the Sector Coordinator for Human Rights and Civil Society. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.

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