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Colombia: Give Peace a Chance

: Published: March 9, 2021:

: More haste, less speed.:

This is the slogan that Michaela describes her assignment with. Michaela Söllinger is an unusual new Technical Advisor: She is the first TA ever to set out on an assignment for peace [Correction by the author: I have been made aware of the fact that there has already been one peace assignment in Guatemala …

COVID-19: Being a woman in a digital and a real world in crisis

: Published: April 13, 2021:

Gloria Alzate Castaño is the director of our partner organisation Conciudadanía in Antioquia, Colombia. The organisation was founded in 1991 and since then has aimed to develop pedagogical and mobilisation actions in the Department of Antioquia, in order to secure the peoples rights. They pursue this objective through the promotion of peaceful coexistence, peace building, development planning …

Exchange Visit to El Salvador: We Went There to Learn

: Published: July 31, 2022:

My colleagues and I, part of the Salvaguarda project team, packed our bags for fourteen days in El Salvador. The trip was planned since November 2021 when we agreed on the dates and intentions of the experiences exchange between civil society organizations supported by the Austrian cooperation in El Salvador (Horizont3000, DKA and the Austrian Development …

Salvaguarda: Notes on women's participation in environmental management

: Published: March 7, 2023:

: Written by: Luz Mery Hernández P y Natalia Calderón – Salvaguarda Project:

Salvaguarda (“Saveguard”) is an innovative project that aims to strengthen proactive environmental citizenship. The project is being implemented by HORIZONT3000 and Conciudadanía since 1.1.2020. It is funded by the European Union in the framework of its Civil Society Commitment and supported by the Austrian …

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