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Published: March 17, 2020

In our KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Management Programme we have developed an Experience Capitalisation Process in order to promote learning and sharing processes among our Partners.  For this purpose we produce one-page presentations (“Good Practices” and “Learnings from Failure” at a Glance) as well as detailed descriptions (In Detail “Good Practices” and “Learnings from Failure”) based on the experiences and the knowledge provided by Partner Organisations and share them on our knowledge platform:

In order to collect these experiences, we have created an incentive: our famous KNOWLYMPICS -the KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Sharing Games!

Delighted by the great outcomes and success of the first three editions of KNOWLYMPICS, we have decided to set a special thematic focus on

for our
4th KNOWLYMPICS 2019/20

4 Partner Organisations from 2 different countries have joined and shared 4 very valuable experiences with you and the HORIZONT3000 Knowledge network. The participating organisations have documented their experiences and thereby promoted a learning process within their organisations. While documenting and systematising experiences, a process of reflection is triggered and questions like what has worked and what hasn’t and – most importantly – why are answered. This is where gaining knowledge and learning begins and this is what KNOW-HOW3000 wants to draw on.

The experiences shared within the scope of this year’s KNOWLYMPICS range from rainwater harvesting and re-utilization in El Salvador to rainwater management integrated into building and infrastructure projects in Papua New Guinea. Among the submissions there were 1 Learning from Failure and 3 Good Practices.

As this was the first time that we set a thematic focus for our KNOWLYMPICS, we have decided to give all participants who submitted an experience in time a prize – one first prize of € 1.000,- and 3 prizes of each € 500,-

For drawing the winner of our precious first prize we were supported by the two daughters of Petra Herout, ELENA AND MATHILDA HEROUT, as the whole HORIZONT3000 team in Vienna is currently working from home in the light of recent events.

Ready to get to know the renowned winners?

Catholic Diocese Daru-Kiunga - Bosset Health Centre (Papua New Guinea)

FIRST PRIZE of € 1.000,-

Fundación para el Desarrollo y Restauración Ambiental, FUNDESYRAM
Fundación Segundo Montes, FSM
Asociación de Desarrollo Económico Social, ADES

Prizes worth € 500,-


CONGRATULATIONS to you and your teams and thank you for making the games possible!

The prize money is supposed to be invested in Knowledge Management or Capacity Strengthening purposes or any other measures that support the work of their projects. Last year, the prizes were used for trainings in monitoring and evaluation, exchange visits and a laptop to support information documentation.

We are very happy about the results of this year’s games and would like to thank all of the participants, because after all:

“[…] it is a very important initiative that gives us the possibility to connect us better” (MIRIAM, Guatemala, KNOWLYMPICS 2017).

Within the upcoming weeks, we are going to prepare and upload One-Page-Presentations and In-Detail Documents about this year’s experiences. Once uploaded, we will let you know and make sure you don’t miss any of the important lessons provided by the participating organisations.

Your HORIZONT3000 Knowledge Management Team,

Kristina, Sarah, Petra and Elisabeth

Petra Herout

Petra Herout

Petra coordinates the Knowledge Management Team in Vienna and is currently Sector Coordinator for Rural Development – Natural Resource Management. She has been involved in developing KNOW-HOW3000 since its beginnings and is eager to share some stories with you about the WHY and HOW of KNOW-HOW3000 and Knowledge Management at HORIZONT3000. Petra is passionate about methods for experience learning and has the vision that HORIZONT3000 is a true learning organisation in the long run. She is always happy to learn from other people’s experiences!

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