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The KNOW-HOW3000 News present posts from TAs, Sector- and Programme Coordinators and the Knowledge Management Team as well as other members of the KH3000 community about current activities and developments, gives personal insights into the projects and Partner Organisations, discusses technical topics, challenges and solutions concerning the daily life of TAs and partners and offers the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge. The news contents therefore specifically address the HORIZONT3000 knowledge community consisting of TAs, H3 staff, Partner Organisations and Member Organisations. Contents are presented in English and Spanish to effectively reach these target groups.

For (German) news from the Vienna Headquarter, interviews with returnees and other H3 information directed towards the Austrian and general public, click here.

  • Interview! Marjú Changanja on Communication, Knowledge Management and Gender

    Published: September 14, 2023; Marjú Changanja (ESMABAMA) chats with TA Rosa Nordeste De Jongh about working with HORIZONT3000, the impacts of the knowledge management program, the lessons she's learned in communication and the gender question in rural Mozambique.

  • Child & Youth Protection Policies: Lessons from Central America

    Published: September 6, 2023: "This was one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life". Adivsor Gabriel Rivera tells us why it was crucial to develop our Partners' Child & Youth Protection Policies, and what he learned from it.

  • Workshop: A system for effective decision-making

    Published: August 28, 2023; The Guatemalan organisation Ixoqib' Miriam recently took part in workshops on Sociocracy facilitated by advisor Renate Sova. She tells us more about this system of collaborative decision-making and governance.

  • Announcement: KNOWLYMPICS 2023

    Published: July 10, 2023; This year our Knowledge Sharing Games focus on advancing women’s rights. If you have a 'positive' experience (learning from good practice) or 'negative' experiences (learning from failure) related to the fight for women's rights – join our KNOWLYMPICS!

  • Interview! Lessons from the gender mentoring Process in Ethiopia

    Published: June 20, 2023; "It is not like saying: OK, we have financed the process, we coordinated it, and now each and every partner has its policy, strategy, and action plan – and now it is good", insists Getachew Aberra after two and a half years of gender mentoring.

  • Participatory workshops for organisational analysis

    Published: June 1, 2023; Using SWOT analysis, our technical advisor Renate Sova facilitated a series of workshops in Guatemala. By analysing strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats they could identify improvement measures for the new framework programme.

  • KM Toolbox: Using the KM Self-Assessment Tool in Mozambique

    Published: May 31, 2023; We talked with KM TA Mareen Zeitelhofer to know more about a new assessment tool: "It is easy to use and it enables organisations to get a good overview of the strengths and weaknesses in their knowledge management."

  • Teenage Pregnancies in Uganda – A discussion with PALM Corps’ PRETTIER Project team

    Published: April 5, 2023; "We are going to pilot how to best support these girls and their families for continuity." K. Gladys (PALM Corps) and her colleagues talk with Roman Gnaegi (Technical Advisor) about the new PRETTIER Consortium project.

  • The impact of KNOW-HOW3000 in Central America

    Published: April 4, 2023; In Central America, one of the most enduring activities of our Knowledge Management Programme has been the Communities of Practice. In short interviews longtime members of two Communities tell us about their experiences with this tool and the impact it had.

  • Protect. Empower. Fight. The Story of LeMuSiCa

    Published: March 8, 2023; We presents you a new Stream of Knowledge story + video: In it we follow the Mozambican organisation LeMuSiCa and her coordinator, Achia Camal, on their path from humble beginnings to having a wide-ranging impact in the fight against Gender Based Violence.

  • Salvaguarda: Notes on women’s participation in environmental management

    Published: March 7, 2023; What is the impact of women within environmental management? How can we share knowledge between women? These were some of the questions that were debated in several meetings organised by Salvaguarda - a project that strengthens environmental citizenship.

  • From an inclusive language to communicating with a rights-based approach

    Published: February 9, 2023; During the Regional Meeting of Communities of Practice, fruitful discussions continued about the possibilities of inclusive language. A rights-based approach was chosen in order to recognise the rights of all population groups.

  • Dakar Conference: Agroecology as a response to the climate catastrophe

    Published: February 6, 2023; "We came to this conference to promote an agroecology that includes grassroots actors. We want to make agroecology a reality, not only in Senegal, but in all of Africa", Ndiaga Sall, Project Manager of ENDA Santé.

  • Insights of the AGM 2022 in Mozambique

    Published: January 5, 2023; Decentralization and its effect on the work of NGOs, HORIZONT3000's new framework program with focus on gender and climate change, and Agroforestry Systems, where three topics discussed at this long-awaited AGM.

  • Back together! The Policy Dialogue Consortium meets again

    Published: December 22, 2022; After more than 8 years of collaboratively designing and implementing a proactive dialogue approach to development policy, the Policy Dialogue Consortium is ready to move to the 4th project phase.

  • Training: Sustainable irrigation systems

    Published: December 7, 2022; Sharing of practical experiences meets lively discussions with a lot of technical know-how: this exiting training on sustainable irrigation systems was as urgent as it could be in the context of climate crisis.

  • INTERVIEW! A treasure trove of knowledge

    Published: November 29, 2022; "It's a lot of work to share knowledge, but that's the way we're moving forward: documenting and transmitting learnings," Roberto Rodríguez, director of FUNDESYRAM, on the impact of their digital platforms.

  • Sharing and Learning: Policy Dialogue – East Africa 2022

    Published: November 8, 2022; "I was able to get lots of information from others that are more experienced and we shared our experience handling policy issues; this will help me to improve my Policy Dialogue work”, concluded Rose, participant of this Sharing Event.


    Published: October 13, 2022. As a participatory and self-sustaining approach, ERI (Enabling Rural Innovation) is thriving. Nobert Banio, ERI Coordinator in East Africa, presents us the key points and outcomes of the first ERI symposium.

  • ERI has done it again!

    Published: October 12, 2022; The ERI (Enabling Rural Innovation) East Africa Project has undertaken yet another systematisation of their experiences, which can help smallholder farmers to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. TA Lilo Massing tells us about lessons learned.

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