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: Published: October 13, 2022:

On 1st September, 2022, HORIZONT3000 held the first global ERI symposium at Las Vegas Hotel, Kampala, Uganda in East Africa. : : Since the KNOWHOW3000 program of HORIZONT3000 exists to foster cross learning between HORIZONT3000 partners and other actors, this symposium was organized to provide a platform for various stakeholders to learn from …

Sharing and Learning: Policy Dialogue – East Africa 2022

: Published: November 8, 2022:

From managing cross-border Covid-19 travel restrictions to organising the most appropriate content: these were some of the challenges Regional Office – East Africa team faced in the preparation of the Policy Dialogue – East Africa 2022 biennial regional sharing event that brought together over 20 participants from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In the end, everyone had memories …

Teenage Pregnancies in Uganda – A discussion with PALM Corps’ PRETTIER Project team

: Published: April 5, 2023:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected communities worldwide in a number of different ways. Millions have fallen ill, lost loved ones, or have faced social and economic hardships. In Uganda, the government reacted to the pandemic with the world’s longest school closure, leaving children to study from home for nearly two years.: : Apart from the deep disruption …

Interview Series – Programme Report 2020: East Africa

: Published: August 30, 2021:

This is the second episode of our report special. This time, Ulrike Bey, Programme Coorindator of Kenya and Tanzania, shares her point of view on the reports 2020 with us. We talked about suprises, lessons learned and highlights that came along with the report process.

How would you describe the reporting process in general?

The …

Interview! Lessons from the gender mentoring Process in Ethiopia

: Published: June 20, 2023:

Contributing to SDG 5 has always been an important aim in our work at HORIZONT30000 (“Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls”). With our new framework programme this task has taken a leading role again. After all, there is a reason why the new programme is called “Gender Equality 4 Sustainable Development”. …

We cultivated our relationships like you water plants to make them grow

: Published: November 22, 2021:

Grassroots participation in public budget planning

In Kenya – like in many other countries – Public Finance Management processes are still either misunderstood or not known at all to many citizens. They have remained a reserve of government technocrats and a section of elected leaders. As a result of this exclusionary process, access to quality public basic services …

Training: Finding gender-just responses to climate change

: Published: October 25, 2023:

Climate change and its impacts pose a severe threat to sustainable development. While this is true all around the globe, Africa is the region that is the most affected.

Nutrition and Agriculture Projects with Refugee Communities

: Published: November 23, 2021:

Uganda is one of the top refugee hosting countries in the world, with a total of currently almost 1.5 million displaced people living within its borders. More than half of these refugees fled from conflicts in South Sudan and are settled in the Northern Region of the country. Frontline staffers of PALM Corps that are engaged directly …

Human Rights-Based Approach Training under Policy Dialogue East Africa

: Published: 29 November 2023:

Policies are for the well-being of everyone within a community and contributes to the upholding, promoting, protecting and respecting of human rights. Civil society organizations have been vital in facilitating policy dialogues that have registered positive results, ensuring single or multiple rights are respected. Policy dialogues have had positive impact, like: : engaging in government budgeting in …

Launch of Resource Mobilisation Manual

: Published: August 16, 2021:

On 21st July 2021 KNOW-HOW3000 launched a resource mobilisation guide to all our colleagues and partners. We have noticed that our partners in East Africa need support in increasing their capacity to mobilise resources – be it to raise funds from donors or to generate income from social enterprises. While trainings or individual consultancies are very effective …

Solomon Mbubi: New Member of the KM Team

: Published: September 1, 2021:

The Knowledge Management Team of HORIZONT3000 is happy to introduce you to a new, motivated and highly appreciated team player: Solomon Mbubi. Solomon has taken over the coordination of KNOW-HOW3000 in East Africa and will support our Technical Advisors as well as the Partner Organisation with their KNOW-HOW3000 activities.: : We are very excited on working together with Solomon. …


: Published: October 19, 2021:



: All change, (…), begins when few people start talking with one another about somthing they care about.: – M. J. Wheatley, 2009:

Rescue Dada Centre is a Charitable Children’s Institution which was established in 1992. Since its inception it has …

Interview Series - TA Report with Magdalena Schneidhofer

: Published: October 18, 2021:

What are our TAs up to? I took the interview series as an opportunity to catch up with some of our Technical Advisors and see what they have to tell us about their projects, challenges, hightlights, lessons learned etc.: : This is how I came to have a very interesting conversation with Magdalena Schneidhofer, TA at Justice Centre …

Learning about Resource Mobilisation made easy!

: Published: November 29, 2021:

Financial stability and income diversification are high-priority topics for our partner organisations worldwide. The East Africa region has taken up the demand for this topic, developed a resource mobilisation guide and facilitated an innovative training series under the KNOW-HOW3000 programme.

For the development of the guide three Technical Advisors for Resource Mobilisation, Agnes Koechl, Lisa Nixdorf und …

Interview Series: TA Report with Anne Terheggen

: Published: January 12, 2022:

Yes, its been a while, since we last published one of our report interviews. However, the topic did not become any less relevant in the meantime. Thats why our first news post of 2022 features a conversation I was lucky to have with Anne Terheggen back in 2021. Anne is a Technical Advisor in West Nile, …

“We are home here” – The benefits of community-based life and practice for the work of NGOs

: Published: August 18, 2022:

“This place… is just good.” Safi Alli enjoys his job as Centre Manager at the PALM Corps field office in Siripi, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, because it is an opportunity to live and work the way he likes: As a constantly busy practitioner rather than a desk-bound NGO officer. He loves the physical aspects of keeping …

SDG 5: Gender Responsive Training in East Africa

: Published: September 7, 2022:

In the past decade countries in East Africa have made strides in advancing the rights of women. The social political and economic status of women have improved for example. There is an increase in the number of women holding political positions reflected in the number of women representatives in parliament: Tanzania is at 37%, South Sudan …

INTERVIEW! JUSTICE CENTRES UGANDA & a Life Changing Exchange Event

: Published: September 28, 2022:

4 days. Around 40 organizations. Lots of learnings and at least one life changed.  Angela Mwanje, the Advocacy and Communications Officer of our Partner Organisation Justice Centres Uganda (JCU), is happy about how the exchange event they organized this year turned out. It created new partnerships, new opportunities and new goals to reach.

Starting …

ERI has done it again!

: Published: October 12, 2022:

The ERI (Enabling Rural Innovation) East Africa Project has undertaken yet another systematisation of their experiences. For those who have not heard about it yet, ERI is a strategic approach that helps smallholder farmers to become self-reliant entrepreneurs (read more about it here). It motivates farmers to organise themselves into strong …

Promoting Knowledge Management in East Africa

Last week we completed our first KNOWHOW3000 online session series on knowledge management in East Africa! For 4 sessions, between 50 and 100 of our partners and colleagues worldwide joined together to learn more about knowledge management and to share their experiences.

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