Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

Our Objectives in Rural Development & Natural Resource Management

Together with our Partner Organisations we strive to contribute to

the sustainable use of natural resources

the promotion of renewable energy

climate change adaptation and mitigation

food sovereignty via sustainable farming and agroecology

the promotion of income generation and sustainable livelihoods for small-scale farmers

We focus on projects and programmes that promote participatory and self-sustaining methods and approaches. One great example is the Enabling Rural Innovation Approach (ERI).

Our Focus Areas in Rural Development & Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

What we do & why we do it

Soil, water, crops and the biodiversity in general – this is not only what people’s livelihoods in rural areas of developing countries but what the whole planet depends on. Nevertheless, these resources are put in danger because of the over-exploitation, depletion and destruction that is continously progressing. As a consequence we have to deal with the negative effects of climate change, a lack of economic alternatives, continous poverty and great barriers to local development.

That’s the reason why we focus on the following areas to promote a sustainable management of natural resources:

  1. Water & Sanitation (rainwater management, spring conservation, sustainable waste water management, etc.)
  2. Forest & Soil (soil conservation, reforestation and forest conservation)
  3. Renewable Energies

Agriculture & Livestock Breeding

What we do & why we do it

Together with our Partner Organisations we aim to contribute to ensuring food sovereignty in areas struck by hunger and poverty. At the same time protecting the environment plays an important role. That’s the reason why we focus on projects and programmes that invest in and work with small-scale farmers, improved farming practices based on agroecology, agroforestry and/ or organic farming as well as autochtonous quality seeds.

In order to promote productivity, diversification and efficiency of small-scale farmers, we set the framework for know-how transfer regarding sustainable agricultural production, livestock breeding and agricultural input supply.





Entrepreneurship & Income Generation

What we do & why we do it

Together with our Partner Organisations we contribute to strengthening the generation of additional income in order to ensure the sustainability of livelihoods in rural areas. Not only do we focus on the agricultural sector but also on alternative income opportunities in non-agricultural sectors. Promoting these opportunities involves the participatory analysis of local, regional and national markets, diversification and adaptation of production to market requirements, trainings to strengthen technical and business skills, microfinance as well as participatory group saving and lending approaches.






Capacity Development within Rural Development & Natural Resource Management


Within the Rural Development sector, capacity development on an individual level is focussing on know-how transfer of sustainable agricultural and livestock production or processing methods, soil, water and forest conservation, market analysis and/ or business basics.


On the organisational level, capacity development focuses on associations-building, business development, participatory market research, marketing and communication strategies, financial management as well as certification processes.


On society level, HORIZONT3000 develops capacities by strengthening networking activities and policy dialog of its Partner Organisations at regional and national levels. Together we strive to promote political claims of the target groups for the protection of natural resources and an enabling environment for small-scale sustainable agriculture.

Our Cross-Cutting Issues: Gender & Environment

HORIZONT3000 aims to consider and promote Gender Equality and Environmental Protection in all programmes and projects.

Sustainable development can only be reached through a strong commitment to protect the environment in every possible way. In all our projects and programmes we see natural resource preservation and the natural biodiversity maintenance as essentials.

That is the reason why we develop and apply, together with our partner organisations, holisitic and integrated approaches for environment protection. The strategies are adapted to the different natural landscapes as well as local climate conditions and other specific characteristics of the target regions.

We have also partnered up with the Klima-Kollekte in order to set further steps towards a sustainable future.

HORIZONT3000, our donors and partners – we all agree on gender equality lying at the very centre for sustainable development. Therefore, we include a gender perspective in all programmes and projects, adapt the interventions to the needs of different gender identities and promote equal opportunities for all human beings regardless of their gender.

Tools for Rural Development & Natural Resource Management on the Platform

What can the platform do in order to support the pursuit of the objectives and the work with the focus areas? The platform provides sector specific information, promotes know-how transfer, creates a space for knowledge exchange and connects the right people for the right task.

Sector Coordination

Martina Luger is the the Sector Coordinator for Rural Development and Natural Resource Management. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.

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