Why an Internet Platform for KM?

The KNOW-HOW3000 Internet Platform is an essential part of the current knowledge management programme of HORIZONT3000. It has several benefits to use information technology in a knowledge management system. For us, the main objectives of this platform are the following:

Information about Sectors, Knowledge Management (KM), Organisational Development (OD)

This includes to inform about the sectors, cross-cutting issues, organisational development and the knowledge management agenda of HORIZONT3000.

Document Sharing, Videos, other files

We provide downloadable files offered by different persons, participants or members from across the knowledge network of HORIZONT3000. These files are uploaded and managed mainly by the knowledge management team of HORIZONT3000.

Sharing Experiences via KM-products

“Knowledge Mangement Products” are those one-pagers and ‘in-detail-documents’ documents that we call “Good Practices”, and “Learning from Failure”. They provide directly the experiences made by our partner organisations and allow to learn from them. They are available at the Starting Page of the Platform.

Enable Discussions for Users

With discussions of thematic issues and policy development we help to transfer knowledge between persons that cannot meet physically. Of course this also helps with networking with other people from different organizations.

Visualize everyone who is part of the KM-network of H3

Individual user profiles, a list of all the users registered at the platform and an interface for expert-search (‘Competence Matrix’) makes everyone participating visible to the community.

Support the work of the Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a backbone for the work of all the experts within our organisations. Focused exchange of expert-knowledge is a valuable resource for every successful organization. CoPs can exchange files and discuss their knowledge in separate spaces here.

Announce & Document Events

Providing regular information about the events within the knowledge management programme KNOW-HOW3000, like the series of small events called “Exchange our Experience”, the International Conferences of the KNOW-HOW3000 programme with different thematic issues, or the regional and local events in our partner countries.

Intranet for TAs

Of course our Technical Advisors need specialised information for their assignments. Everything they need can be found in a separate area for them.

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