Participatory workshops for organisational analysis

Published: June 1, 2023

In the last two weeks of May I facilitated workshops with each of our four partner organisations in Guatemala using a participatory SWOT method to analyse strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The aim of the workshops was to determine the current situation of the organisations and to identify improvement measures for the new framework programme.


Based on the results of the SWOT analysis, we defined themes to work on for the future development of the organisation. The themes were grouped and discussed together. Each person was then given 3 points to distribute among the themes. The result was a prioritisation of the most important issues. The themes with the most points were immediately worked on in working groups. It was an exciting process and the results were very motivating for the partner organisations and the HORIZONT3000 team.


Click here for Renate’s Manual: SWOT Analysis as a Brainwalking

Click here for our template: SWOT Analysis

Click here for our template: SWOT Analysis for Policy Dialogue

The organisations are very different in terms of size, content and work methods. UAM teaches permaculture to small farmers, Asociación Ixoqib’ MIRIAM supports Mayan women in education, the women’s organisation AMOIXQUIC runs gardening projects with women suffering from domestic violence so that they can earn an economic living and their self-esteem is strengthened. Asociación Colectivo Noj provides training using playful education methods to empower young people in rural communities. Therefore, each workshop was unique in its dynamics as well.

It makes sense to do this SWOT analysis with the whole team several times, for example every six months or every year, in order to continuously assess and improve the organisation or a project.


It was encouraging to see how everyone present was able to express their opinions and incorporate their experiences into the results. All participants came out of the joint analysis strengthened and with a positive outlook for the future. The next participatory SWOT workshops will take place in July in El Salvador. We are already preparing them!

Renate Sova

Renate Sova

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