Insights of the AGM 2022 in Mozambique

Published: January 5, 2023

After three years of pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AGM 2022 took place again in presence a few days ago in Beira – it was a big success! In total 27 different organisations met on the 23 and 24 of November in Beira, to discuss three relevant topics: Decentralization in Mozambique and its effect on the work of NGOs, the new framework program of HORIZONT3000 with the focus on climate change and gender, and Agroforestry Systems as a way of sustainable and inclusive development.

Welcome Speech of the Country director of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique: Dr. Jan Wiesenmüller

Various professional media channels were present

Who organised the event and who participated?

The team of HORIZONT3000 in Mozambique organised this event together with the support of the partner organisations. In total 27 different institutions were present, both from the public and private sector. All current partners of HORIZONT3000 in Mozambique were invited as well as future potential partners. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) also sent a representative from Maputo.

Conference room, view from back entrance

Representative from ADA Mozambique: Erasmo Saraiva

What happened in these two days?

On the first day the model of decentralization at the provincial level was presented which was intended to transfer decision-making competencies and power structures from the capital to the individual regions. However, due to the restructuring and relocation of the individual ministries and provincial authorities, this was associated with difficulties of understanding and complications for our partners.

Therefore, an expert from the government, Rui Manuel, was invited who addressed the changes in the functioning and competencies of government entities and it was discussed how to facilitate the interaction of NGOs with government departments. His presentation can be found here.

Afterwards, the new framework program of HORIZONT3000 with the focus on gender and climate change was introduced by the program coordinator for Mozambique in Vienna, Elisabeth Moder. Based on that, all partners present were invited to discuss the plans and develop new ideas for cooperation. Her presentation can be found here.

Program coordinator for Mozambique (Elisabeth Moder) introducing the new HORIZONT3000 framework program

The first part of the theatre play

On the second day, the main theme was: “The Management of Natural Resources in Mozambique” with a particular focus on Agroforestry Systems as a way of sustainable and inclusive development for rural areas. The day started with a presentation held by the new Technical Advisor of HORIZONT3000, Lais Nara, who gave an introduction about “Agroforestry systems and their global relevance”.

Afterwards, the partners were invited to actively contribute in relation to the focal theme with their experiences, activities or relevant suggestions in this area. The following key speakers were invited to give their contributions:

Keynote Speech 1 – “Natural Resource Management in Mozambique: Perspectives and Experiences from a Development Agency” (Austrian Development Agency Mozambique, Erasmo Francisco Saraiva)

Keynote Speech 2 – “Experiences and Perspectives from a Social Company” (Levas Flor, Claudia Esteves, Thor Kuchler and Jeremias Campira)

Keynote Speech 3 – A study about house gardens in Vanduzi: Characterization, social importance and biodiversity” (Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica, Hélder Carlos Joaquim Julião)

Keynote Speech 4 – “Challenges to react to natural disasters and uncontrolled fires” (Instituto National de Gestão e Redução do Risco de Desastres, Dra. Ana Paula Correia)

Keynote Speech 5 – “Management of natural resources from a gender perspective” (NGO MUVA, Médéric Carpier)

Keynote Speech 6 – “Experiences and results from the coffee project in the National Park of Gorongosa” (National Park of Gorongosa, Sional S. Moiane e Seriano Tacanhe)

The day was marked by interesting and diverse presentations, a lively exchange between the participants, and two short theatre plays related to the challenges of the main topic. In the end a group work was performed, where each participant contributed with his/her ideas to one of the sub-themes that were discussed before: gender, climate change, income generation, food sustainability and inclusion of communities.

The day ended with the presentation of Mareen Zeitelhofer, Technical Advisor of HORIZONT3000, who shared the concept and idea to create a Community of Practice about “Agroforestry Systems in Mozambique”. Her presentation can be found here.

Technical Advisor Johannes Raher presenting the outcomes of the group work

Erasmo Saraiva (ADA Mozambique) interacting with participants

Comments from participants

“Finally! After almost 2 years of abstinence, as a result of Corona restrictions, HORIZONT3000 was finally able to invite this partner platform again and discuss relevant topics in plenary. It is always fantastic to see that these exchange and discussion meetings within the framework of the AGM contribute enormously to developing joint projects and synergies, to sustainably strengthening relations with state partners and also to bringing the ideas and possibilities of our funding partners to bear in an appropriate setting. In this context, I would like to express my special thanks once again to all participants for their presence and commitment.

At the same time, I would like to point out that we will be available again in the upcoming year with various partner trainings, further sharing events, technical and professional support from HORIZONT3000 experts, as well as with our project work, in order to sustainably support further development in Mozambique. I am already looking forward to the further cooperation and the exchange at the AGM in 2023.”

Jan Wiesenmüller, Country Director of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique

“Being in Mozambique for the first time, I really enjoyed the event with almost all TAs and so many partners participating! All parts were very interesting. Congratulations to the team that had prepared everything so well, including all the details like visual and participatory elements, nice food, etc. Muito obrigada!”

Elisabeth Moder, Program Coordinator of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique in Vienna

“HORIZONT3000 did an amazing job by bringing different actors in the same place to discuss relevant issues that concerns both people and nature, in Mozambique. Everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences and together we tried to find some solutions to improve livelihoods and food security, as well as soil conservation, biodiversity, gender inclusion, and so on”

Claudia Esteves, Coordinator of Levas Flor Mozambique

Mareen Zeitelhofer

Mareen Zeitelhofer

Olá! Eu sou Mareen e apoio o escritório do HORIZONT3000 na Beira, Moçambique, nas áreas de "Gestão do Conhecimento" e "Gestão de Projectos". Estou ansioso por ouvir de vós! :) Saudações de Beira, Mareen

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