Sharing Event on Gender-Based Violence in Mozambique

Published: April 27, 2022

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Beira, Mozambique. On the 20 and 21 of April 2022 a Sharing Event took place in Mozambique, where in total 60 participants shared and discussed different aspects of reaction, combat and prevention of gender-based violence and feminist policies. The event was a big success and we hope, that more events like this will follow!

Jan-Peter Rietz (HORIZONT3000) and Achia Camal (LeMuSiCa) are welcoming the local governor

LeMuSiCa, a Mozambican partner of HORIZONT3000 that works in the area of woman and child rights, organized together with the team of HORIZONT3000 Mozambique this event. The Event was sponsored by the knowledge management program of HORIZONT3000, called KNOW-HOW3000, and “Brot fuer die Welt”.

The first discussion panel including participants from the government and LeMuSiCa

The range of participants were broad: People from the government, that work in that area, were invited, as well as two famous feminists from Maputo (Graça Samo and Nzira de Deus). Moreover, feminists and NGOs from the central region of Mozambique were present in the event. The media was invited as well to spread the information and importance of that meeting throughout the county.

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Theater group of LeMuSiCa

During the two days, experiences about gender-based violence in Mozambique, were shared and discussed. The conclusion was, that all over the country, there still exist many challenges to receive gender equality due to various reasons. The event was characterised by interesting speeches, lively discussions, a touching theatre play as well as storytelling of women, that were victims of gender-based violence. 

Conference room with participants

In the end of the event, a group work was done, where the participants joined ideas and suggestions, how the situation can be improved in the future and which actions must be taken.

Two Feminists from Quelimane Province

“The event was a complete success. I received a lot of positive feedback; our support in the psychosocial area was asked by various participants and HORIZONT3000 as well as LeMuSiCa were able to increase their visibility and show how gender work is done in the province of Manica.”

Comment Achia Camal, Coordenator of LeMuSiCa

Achia Camal, Coordenator of LeMuSiCa

“We were able to bring together important figures in the fight against GBV and for gender equality. First and unique was the very inspiring and motivating visit of Graça Samo and Nzira de Deus from Maputo and the Feminist network of the whole central region of Mozambique. I am happy that many contacts were made and hope for increased future cooperation.”

Comment Astrid Bliem, Technical Advisor HORIZONT3000 at LeMuSiCa

“It was a pleasure for me to organize with my team and LeMuSiCa this Event. I realised, that there still exist many barriers for gender equality in Mozambique. However, I am optimistic that with the strength and will of each of us we will get there!”

Comment Mareen Zeitelhofer, Technical Advisor HORIZONT3000

Mareen Zeitelhofer

Mareen Zeitelhofer

Olá! Eu sou Mareen e apoio o escritório do HORIZONT3000 na Beira, Moçambique, nas áreas de "Gestão do Conhecimento" e "Gestão de Projectos". Estou ansioso por ouvir de vós! :) Saudações de Beira, Mareen

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