„Trafficking in Persons Report” Hero Award

Published: July 8, 2020

Every year the US Department of State produces the “Trafficking in Persons Report” that asses the efforts done by governments around the globe in combating human trafficking and modern slavery. The report is one of the most important annual publications in the comparative assessment of global efforts against human trafficking.

In the report, the Department of State also honors individuals who have distinguished themselves in their actions against human trafficking. This year for the first time since its existence, the award is going to a Kenyan: In 2020, HORIZONT3000 partner Sophie Otiende has been honored with the “Trafficking in Persons Report Hero” award in an online ceremony .The award is given to Sophie for her tireless work at HAART Kenya and her leadership role in the development of a victim assistance infrastructure in Kenya as well as her unwavering efforts to raise awareness on human trafficking in local communities.

HORIZONT3000 would like to take this opportunity and congratulate Sophie Otiende on the award! Sophie Otiende is board member and advisor at HAART Kenya, one of HORIZONT3000’s Partner Organizations in Kenya. Sophie calls herself a feminist, poet, teacher and survivor of human trafficking.

In her award speech, Sophie Otiende reminded the audience to not forget survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery during the current global pandemic. Survivors are, like other vulnerable groups, heavily impacted by the effects of COVID-19. Therefore the team of HAART Kenya has, with support by HORIZONT3000 Technical Advisor Lisa Nixdorf, started a campaign to support survivors of human trafficking through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more info click here.

You can also watch her award speech here:

If you want to know more about her work, visit this page from HAART about Sophie Otiende by clicking here.

Lisa Nixdorf

Lisa Nixdorf

Lisa Nixdorf is a Flying Technical Advisor for HORIZONT3000, working with several Partner Organizations in Kenya and Tanzania on social enterprise development and other resource mobilization strategies. She is working with HAART Kenya on developing their strategies for resource mobilization further. Lisa holds a Magister Artium in African Studies and Economics.

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