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Walking a Tightrope Under Covid-19

: Published: December 21, 2020:


I have to admit, this is a somewhat attention-grabbing title for an experience report that attempts to describe the balancing act that my work as an advisor in the development sector in Mozambique in 2020 entailed. What do I mean here by tightrope walk?

I went to Mozambique at …

Learning from Failure: Improving Agricultural Input Distribution

Country: Uganda; Organisation: PALM Corps: : AT A GLANCE: Improving Agricultural Input Distribution (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Mejora de la distribución de insumos agrícolas (español)

Good Practice: Enhancing Access to Land for Refugees in Refugee Settlements for Livelihood Transformation

Country: Uganda; Organisation: PALM Corps: : AT A GLANCE: Enhancing Access to Land for Refugees in Refugee Settlements for Livelihood Transformation (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Mejora del acceso a tierra cultivable en los asentamientos de refugiados para la transformación y desarrollo de los medios de vida (Spanish): :  : :  

Triangular Technical Advisory

: Published: May 7, 2020:

A Triangular Technical Advisory is a so-called south-south cooperation, in which the capacities of one of the Partner Organizations are beneficial for another one or more Partner Organizations. As a new instrument within the Technical Advisory Program this innovative concept focusses on knowledge transfer between the Partner Organisations. One PO, the ‘Receiving Partner Organisation’ demands advisory from …

SDG Intern Story: A report from Kampala

: Published: March 17, 2020:

I would like to share a report with you from Vanessa Scheungraber – one of our SDG-Interns, who has spent three months in Kampala collaborating in the ERI project. This is what she wants to share about her experience: : : : : In June 2019, after a one-week preparation course, …

Good Practice: Bio-intensive crops applied by female peasants

Country: Nicaragua; Organization: Fundación entre Mujeres (FEM): : AT A GLANCE: Bio-intensive crops applied by female peasants (english): : AT A GLANCE: Cultivos biointensivos implementados por campesinas (spanish): : IN DETAIL: Cultivos biointensivos implementados por campesinas (spanish): : Additional Material: : Testimonio: Promotora de Agroecología FEM (spanish)

Good Practice: Guaranteed credit using stock as collateral

Country: Senegal; Organization: Caritas diocésaine de Kaolack: : AT A GLANCE: Guaranteed credit using stock as collateral (English): : AT A GLANCE: Le Warrantage céréalier – un crédit garanti par un stock différé (French): : AT A GLANCE: Crédito asegurado usando las existencias (stock) como garantía (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Le Warrantage

Good Practice: Workers without land struggeling for their right to land

Country: Brazil; Organization: Pastoral Land Commission 2 (CPT): : AT A GLANCE: The Fight for and the Acquiring of Land by the Landless Workers in Engenho Prado, Brazil (English): : AT A GLANCE: Luta e conquista da terra peolos trabalhadoras/es sem terra (Portuguese): : AT A GLANCE: Lucha por y conquista de la

Go Green With Schools

: Published: November 18, 2019:


Hi, my name is Silke Goos, since November 2018 I am working with the Partner Organisation AFIRD and I would like to tell you more about our project that I am fully convinced of. The project deals with permaculture trainings in primary schools …

Sector Update #1: Rural Development & Natural Resource Management

: Published: August 16, 2019:

Together with the launch of the KNOW-HOW3000 News Area, we are also initiating the Sector Update Series and I am excited to be the first one to update our Community on what the Rural Development sector is up to right now.: : Just to give you an idea about what you can expect from this series: We, the Sector …

Good Practice: ERI - Enabling Rural Innovation

Country: Region East Africa; Organization: Various (Programme ERI): : AT A GLANCE: ERI (English): : AT A GLANCE: Facilitar la Innovación Rural (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: ERI (English): : Additional Materials: : Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) – Farmer Facilitators Manual (English): : Manual Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) Intro (English)


: Published: October 29, 2018:

On September 24th, our member organisation Dreikönigsaktion (DKA) held a workshop about the Enabling Rural Innovation Project (ERI) with Tumaini Matutu. Tumaini supports our partner organisation Act Mara in Tanzania as a project coordinator for ERI. During the workshop she gave us some insights about the project, their work and the people behind …

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