Good Practice: Resisting subjection – a Quilombola Community struggling for their rights

Country: Brazil; Organization: Comissão Pastoral da Terra  (CPT)

AT A GLANCE: Resisting subjection – a quilombola community struggling for their rights (English)

AT A GLANCE: Resistência e luta da comunidade Varzinha dos Quilombolas (Portuguese)

AT A GLANCE: Resistencia a la sumisión de la comunidad quilombola (Spanish)

IN DETAIL: Resistência e luta da comunidade Varzinha dos Quilombolas (Portuguese)

Kristina Kroyer

Kristina Kroyer

Kristina coordinates the KNOW-HOW3000 programme in Vienna, always in touch with her colleagues working in our country and regional programmes. She is eager to provide them with support and advice and motivated to work with our networks of TAs and Partners in order to further develop the programme for the benefit of its target groups. Kristina also coordinates the consortium project “CSOs and Policy Dialogue”, implemented in East Africa in cooperation with 4 other Austrian NGOs. Feel free to reach out to her.

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