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Learning from Failure: Control of the Pine Bark Beetle

Country: El Salvador; Organisation: Fundación Segundo Montes: : AT A GLANCE: Control of the Pine Bark Beetle in Morazán (English): : A UN VISTAZO: El Control del Gorgojo Descortezador en Morazán (Español): : Systematisation of the Learning from Failure experience: Control of the Pine Bark Beetle in Morazán (Español): :  : :  

Good Practice: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils

Country: Mozambique; Organisation: Young Africa Agri-Tech: : AT A GLANCE: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Cultivando Tomates en Suelos Contaminados (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils (English)

Solutions for living in harmony with semiarid climate

: Published: October 14, 2020:

Hans Gnadlinger has been working with HORIZONT3000 for over 20 years as a TA in Brazil. At the moment he is already retired, but he keeps collaborating with national and international networks of rainwater harvesting experts.: : In our projects at HORIZONT3000 rainwater harvesting is a very current topic, which is why we ran our lastest KNOWLYMPICS under …

Soil Conservation and Evaluation in Mozambique

: Published: January 20, 2020:

Any sustainable farming operation will have to consider that soils are a crucial and diminishing resource in agricultural production. Soils take a long time to form (thousands of years) and can be destroyed within just a few years. Fertile land is essential for sustaining agriculture. The productivity of land has, however, decreased due to more intensive use …

Good Practice: Environmental Management

Country: Mozambique; Organization: Catholic University of Mozambique: Faculty of Tourism and Information Technology (FGTI): : AT A GLANCE: Environmental Management (English): : AT A GLANCE: Gestión Medioambiental (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Environmental Management (English)

Good Practice: ERI - Enabling Rural Innovation

Country: Region East Africa; Organization: Various (Programme ERI): : AT A GLANCE: ERI (English): : AT A GLANCE: Facilitar la Innovación Rural (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: ERI (English): : Additional Materials: : Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) – Farmer Facilitators Manual (English): : Manual Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) Intro (English)

Climate Change Senegal: "Think Globally, Act Locally"

: Published: July 1, 2019:

May stands for Intercambio – at least in the little HORIZONT3000 Universe. 2019 was no exception. All of the Regional and Country Office directors, representatives from our Member Organisations as well as the HORIZONT3000 Vienna team got together to review last years plans and achievements and to discuss results, new developments and strategies.: : During a small break between …

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