Tag: Rainwater

Good Practice: Collecting and Reusing Rainwater

Country: El Salvador; Organisation: FUNDESYRAM-Foundation for Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Restoration: : AT A GLANCE: Collecting and Reusing Rainwater (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Recoger y reusar aguas pluviales (Spanish): :  

Good Practice: Water Supply System for Salvadoran Community

Country: El Salvador; Organisation: ADES – Asociación de Desarrollo Económico Social: : AT A GLANCE: A water supply system for the community of Los Hernández, Cabañas in El Salvador (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Sistema de abastecimiento de agua para el caserío Los Hernández, Cabañas en El Salvador (Spanish)

Good Practice: Rainwater Management and Infrastructure

Country: Papua New Guinea; Organisation: Catholic Diocese Daru-Kiunga: : AT A GLANCE: Rainwater Management Integrated into Building and Infrastructure Projects (english): : A UN VISTAZO: La Gestión de Aguas Pluviales en Proyectos de Construcción e Infraestructura (spanischl): :  

Good Practice: Integrated Rainwater Management in Harmony with Semi-Arid Climate

Country: Brazil; Organisation: Regional Institute of Appropriate Small-scale Agriculture (IRPAA): : AT A GLANCE: Integrated Rainwater Management in Harmony with Semi-Arid Climate  (English): : AT A GLANCE: MANEJO INTEGRADO DE AGUAS PLUVIALES EN ARMONÍA CON UN CLIMA SEMI-ÁRIDO (Spanish): : AT A GLANCE: GESTION INTÉGRÉE DES EAUX PLUVIALES EN HARMONIE AVEC LE CLIMAT SEMI-ARIDE (French): : MORE INFORMATION: How …

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