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The shared responsability for wellbeing of women and men

: Published: October 13, 2020:

COVID-19 has put our world upside-down and the planning of the KNOW-HOW3000 activities in Central America was not spared either. We had to adapt to a new reality, which translated to diving into a virtual world.: : A crucial challenge for 2020 was to follow-up on outcomes of the gender diagnosis that had been carried out last year among …

Positive Parenting Programs in Papua New Guinea

: Published: July 2, 2020:


If you have ever wondered why parenting matters then read on…


In 1996, the WHO declared that violence was a public health problem. The UN states that “peaceful, just and inclusive societies are necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. People everywhere need to be …

Ethiopia: Shaking rusty hierarchies and cultivating new healthy environments

: Published: January 27, 2020:

Pooling our energies and concentrations on whats ahead in 2020 and beyond, gender is definitely a big issue for HORIZONT3000. Thats the reason why we would like to take the opportunity and look back at the DKA and HORIZONT3000 Partner Meeting that took place in November 2019 in Arbaminch, Ethiopia, where gender issues constituted a main topic …

Good Practice: Halfway House Rehabilitation Centre

Country: Kenya; Organization: Mukuru Slums Development Projects (MSDP): : AT A GLANCE: Halfway House Rehabilitation Centre: Timothys story (English): : AT A GLANCE: Centro de rehabilitación Halfway: La historia de Timothy (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Halfway House Rehabilitation Centre: Timothys story (English)

Good Practice: Men Empowerment Approach

Country: Kenya; Organization: Support for Tropical Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation (STIPA): : AT A GLANCE: Men Empowerment Approach (English): : AT A GLANCE: Enfoque de empoderamiento de los hombres (Spanish)

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