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Good Practice: Improving Market Access for South Sudanese Refugees

Country: Uganda; Organisation: PALM Corps: : AT A GLANCE: Improving Market Access for South Sudanese Refugees (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Mejora del acceso al mercado para los refugiados del sur de Sudán (Spanish)

Sharing knowledge on Securing Livelihoods for South Sudanese Refugees

: Published: December 19, 2020:

Sharing knowledge on securing livelihoods for South Sudanese refugees was the theme of a recent sharing event in Arua (20.-21.11.2019), Uganda organised by the resident NGO PALM Corps together with AFARD and HORIZONT3000. The event concluded the first joint project by AFARD and PALM Corps that aimed at securing livelihoods for South Sudanese refugees and host communities …

Good Practice: Workers without land struggeling for their right to land

Country: Brazil; Organization: Pastoral Land Commission 2 (CPT): : AT A GLANCE: The Fight for and the Acquiring of Land by the Landless Workers in Engenho Prado, Brazil (English): : AT A GLANCE: Luta e conquista da terra peolos trabalhadoras/es sem terra (Portuguese): : AT A GLANCE: Lucha por y conquista de la

Good Practice: ERI - Enabling Rural Innovation

Country: Region East Africa; Organization: Various (Programme ERI): : AT A GLANCE: ERI (English): : AT A GLANCE: Facilitar la Innovación Rural (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: ERI (English): : Additional Materials: : Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) – Farmer Facilitators Manual (English): : Manual Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) Intro (English)


: Published: May 20, 2019:

Did you already get to know the magnificent work the organisation Fundación entre Mujeres (FEM) does on a daily basis? If not, this video poses a great opportunity for you to do so. Meet the women behind the organisation and learn what their work is all about. Click below and watch the video here:: : : : : The video was created by …

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