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Solutions for living in harmony with semiarid climate

: Published: October 14, 2020:

Hans Gnadlinger has been working with HORIZONT3000 for over 20 years as a TA in Brazil. At the moment he is already retired, but he keeps collaborating with national and international networks of rainwater harvesting experts.: : In our projects at HORIZONT3000 rainwater harvesting is a very current topic, which is why we ran our lastest KNOWLYMPICS under …

Good Practice: Integrated Rainwater Management in Harmony with Semi-Arid Climate

Country: Brazil; Organisation: Regional Institute of Appropriate Small-scale Agriculture (IRPAA): : AT A GLANCE: Integrated Rainwater Management in Harmony with Semi-Arid Climate  (English): : AT A GLANCE: MANEJO INTEGRADO DE AGUAS PLUVIALES EN ARMONÍA CON UN CLIMA SEMI-ÁRIDO (Spanish): : AT A GLANCE: GESTION INTÉGRÉE DES EAUX PLUVIALES EN HARMONIE AVEC LE CLIMAT SEMI-ARIDE (French): : MORE INFORMATION: How …

Good Practice: Families and Communities Prepared for Climate Change

Country: Nicaragua; Organisation: BlueEnergy (bE) and Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU): : AT A GLANCE: Families and communities prepared for climate change (English): : AT A GLANCE: Familias y comunidades ante el cambio climático (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Familias y comunidades ante el cambio climático (Spanish)

SDG Intern Story: A report from Kampala

: Published: March 17, 2020:

I would like to share a report with you from Vanessa Scheungraber – one of our SDG-Interns, who has spent three months in Kampala collaborating in the ERI project. This is what she wants to share about her experience: : : : : In June 2019, after a one-week preparation course, …

Senegal: Participative Research on Agroecology

: Published: February 11, 2020:

Retrouvez la version française ci-dessous.: : Agroecology is the trending topic when it comes to sustainable and effective solutions regarding Rural Development. Thats the reason why I would like to introduce you to this project about Participative Investigation on Agroecology in the Nioro du Rip Department in Senegal, which is still ongoing until the end of this year. I …

KNOWLYMPICS 2019 Announcement

: Published: October 25, 2019:


In our KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Management Programme we have developed an Experience Capitalisation Process in order to promote learning and sharing processes among our partners.  For this purpose we produce single-page presentations (“Good Practices” and “Learnings from Failure” at a Glance) as well as detailed descriptions (“Good Practices” and “Learnings from …

Sector Update #1: Rural Development & Natural Resource Management

: Published: August 16, 2019:

Together with the launch of the KNOW-HOW3000 News Area, we are also initiating the Sector Update Series and I am excited to be the first one to update our Community on what the Rural Development sector is up to right now.: : Just to give you an idea about what you can expect from this series: We, the Sector …

Climate Change Senegal: "Think Globally, Act Locally"

: Published: July 1, 2019:

May stands for Intercambio – at least in the little HORIZONT3000 Universe. 2019 was no exception. All of the Regional and Country Office directors, representatives from our Member Organisations as well as the HORIZONT3000 Vienna team got together to review last years plans and achievements and to discuss results, new developments and strategies.: : During a small break between …


: Published: May 22, 2019:

This experience has to be highlighted – and this is exactly what blueEnergy, our partner organisation in Nicaragua did. They have created an interactive platform to present the iniciative “Families and communities adapting to climate change.” The platform not only presents the measures they have taken to strengthen the populations capacities in dealing with the effects of …

Good Practice: Universities tackling Climate Change

Country: Nicaragua; Organization: Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU): : AT A GLANCE: Universities against Climate Change (English): : AT A GLANCE: Universidades frente al Cambio Climatico (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Universidades frente al Cambio Climático (Spanish)


Besides Local and Regional Sharing Events for experience exchange purposes, the building of Communities of Practice (CoP) in every region is also promoted in the new project phase. CoP are groups of people who share a passion for something that they do and interact regularly to learn how to do it better. CoP are a proven method within Knowledge Management to foster structured learning …

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