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Good Practice: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils

Country: Mozambique; Organisation: Young Africa Agri-Tech: : AT A GLANCE: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Cultivando Tomates en Suelos Contaminados (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Growing Tomatoes on Contaminated Soils (English)

A day in the life of a Technical Advisor: Peter Tantius

: Published: September 15, 2020:

The Knowledge Management team is always busy trying to make knowledge transfers possible and easier between members of our community. Recently, Peter Tantius, Technical Advisor (TA) in Mozambique, has supported our intentions often. He got in touch with us in order to share several documents that he thought might be of benefit for other projects as well …

Learning from Failure: Improving Agricultural Input Distribution

Country: Uganda; Organisation: PALM Corps: : AT A GLANCE: Improving Agricultural Input Distribution (English): : A UN VISTAZO: Mejora de la distribución de insumos agrícolas (español)

Non-profit and for-profit hand in hand?

: Published: July 15, 2020:

First steps towards collaboration between organic farmers and the tourism and gastronomy sector in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Biosphere Reserve in El Salvador.

In 2007 UNESCO declared a natural area in the West of El Salvador as the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Biosphere Reserve (RBA-I for its Spanish abbreviation). The goal of this declaration is to minimize conflict between development and conservation. The …

Learning from Failure: Limitations of the implementation of an organic production process

Country: El Salvador; Organisation: Fundación Segundo Montes (FSM): : EN UN VISTAZO: Limitantes para emprender un proceso de producción orgánica (español): : At a Glance: Limitations of the implementation of an organic production process (inglés): : In Detail: Limitantes para emprender un proceso de producción orgánica  (español)

Soil Conservation and Evaluation in Mozambique

: Published: January 20, 2020:

Any sustainable farming operation will have to consider that soils are a crucial and diminishing resource in agricultural production. Soils take a long time to form (thousands of years) and can be destroyed within just a few years. Fertile land is essential for sustaining agriculture. The productivity of land has, however, decreased due to more intensive use …

Sector Update #1: Rural Development & Natural Resource Management

: Published: August 16, 2019:

Together with the launch of the KNOW-HOW3000 News Area, we are also initiating the Sector Update Series and I am excited to be the first one to update our Community on what the Rural Development sector is up to right now.: : Just to give you an idea about what you can expect from this series: We, the Sector …

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