Returnee Meeting

Last weekend I had the pleasure to host a meeting with a group of very dedicated returnees!

They have been hosting our „InteressentInnen Seminare“ – a workshop-like-day, when groups of people have the opportunity to get to know more about the way we work and what going on a mission may be about. I love that we are offering these workshops because are overall enriching and our retournees make them a lasting experience for everyone.

So first of all, I would like welcome Bianca, who is new in the team! She worked in El Salvador from 2015 till 2018 and has now joined as a host *whoop whopp*
Then we talked about different challenges, Horizont3000 is facing this year and generally in the near future. We analyzed the past workshops and discussed about them.
In the afternoon we took a lot of time to get creative: generating and exchanging ideas to attract interested future TAs.
And we even talked about new possible names for the workshops….

It has been a very interesting Saturday and I would like to express gratitude for all contributions made and your participation!

Sabine Selinger

Sabine Selinger

Passionate and engaged about the technical assistance program, Sabine is highly committed to the coordination with our returnees. A large chunk of her time is dedicated to dealing with work permits and visa for our TAs, and she loves organizing events and assessment centers. You may also find her on job fairs and recruitment events.

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