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Este sitio presenta todos los documentos clave, las herramientas y las buenas prácticas desarrolladas por los socios del proyecto del consorcio “OSC y Diálogo Político“, que ha estado activo desde 2014. Su objetivo es apoyar a las OSC – pero también a otras partes interesadas de dentro y fuera del consorcio – a la hora de participar en el diálogo político.

Este sitio está en construcción. Dado que el proyecto “Diálogo Político” nació en África Oriental, el material que aquí se presenta aún no está traducido al español.


CSOs & Policy Dialogue
What is Policy Dialogue? Protected Area for Materials Key Documents Case Studies & Good Practices Video: The Policy Dialogue Manual in 4 minutes

What is Policy Dialogue?

Policy: A policy is a set of rules, regulations or guidelines that are sector specific and include a strategy/program, budget and institutional arrangements for its implementation. A good policy is a product of a democratic process and of exercising civic mandates and obligations towards the various segments of a society.

Dialogue: To dialogue means to enter into negotiations with an open mind and to share viewpoints and experiences, while treating each other with mutual respect and consider each other as partners not adversaries. A dialogue intends to achieve a common goal in the interest of all parties. It is based on transparency and accountability.

Policy Dialogue (PD): Policy dialogue is an approach of development, which emphasizes cooperation, relationship building and common understanding between various actors including governments, intermediaries and communities. It favors a dialogue approach so that development is understood as a partnership rather than a competition or a battle field. It is an approach that emphasizes sustainability of initiatives, because transparency, accountability as well as resource mobilization and utilization are observed by all actors.

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Key Documents

The Policy Dialogue Manual

A Manual for Civil Society Organizations in East Africa
for Enhancing the Capacities of Civil Society Organizations to Engage in Policy Dialogue

Final Report - Developing CSO Capacity for Policy Dialogue in Kenya

Developing CSOs Capacity for Public Policy Dialogue in Kenya, A System Analysis, Final Report

CSO Brief - CSOs and policy dialogue in Kenia

Policy Dialogue in Kenya: How CSOs can engage effectively in policy dialogue

Video: The Policy Dialogue Manual in 4 minutes:

Video: Policy Dialogue - A Visual Guide in 7 minutes (Kiswahili):

Video: Policy Dialogue - A Visual Learning Guide in 7 minutes (English):

Case Studies & Good Practices

Video: Get to know more details about the CARE initiative within the Policy Dialogue project, its effects and achievements and some of the beneficiaries' stories.

Video: The Policy Dialogue Manual in 4 minutes


El proyecto del consorcio OSC y diálogo político está financiado por la Agencia de Cooperación Austriaca para el Desarrollo (OEZA). En el consorcio participan 5 organizaciones austriacas y, actualmente, 7 organizaciones asociadas de África Oriental:

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