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Walking a Tightrope Under Covid-19

: Published: December 21, 2020:


I have to admit, this is a somewhat attention-grabbing title for an experience report that attempts to describe the balancing act that my work as an advisor in the development sector in Mozambique in 2020 entailed. What do I mean here by tightrope walk?

I went to Mozambique at …

Fighting Gender-Based Violence in the Context of COVID-19

: Published: June 15, 2020:

Please find the English version of this post on the HORIZONT3000 Blog by clicking here.

Presentation of the results of the 'Gender Study' in Central America

: Published: January 9, 2020:

On October 24, after the “Campesina Family” Community of Practice meeting organized by KNOWHOW3000 in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala, Dagny Skarwan presented the results of the Gender Analysis of the HORIZONT3000 ADA Co-financing program in Central America.: : : : Since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals at …

Learning from failure: Ignoring the power of women to influence men

Country: Uganda; Organization: Loyoro Catholic Parish: : AT A GLANCE: Ignoring the power of women to influence men (English): : AT A GLANCE: Ignoring the power of women to influence men (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Ignoring the power of women to influence men (English)


: Published: November 25, 2019:

I have been working as a Technical Advisor at the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga, Western Province in Papua New Guinea since July 2018. Today I would like to tell you more about a project I am currently involved in. Together with local leaders of the village and women representatives, we are working on providing expanded and improved health-care …

Good Practice: Flor de Maíz - Alternative sources of income for women

Country: El Salvador; Organization: Fundación Hermano Mercedes Ruíz (FUNDAHMER): : AT A GLANCE: Colectivo Flor de Maíz – Alternative income sources for women (English): : AT A GLANCE: Colectivo Flor de Maíz – Caminando hacia una economía alternativa (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Colectivo Flor de Maíz – Caminando hacia una

Good Practice: Arpilleras - Embroidering Resistance

Country: Bazil; Organization: Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB): : AT A GLANCE: Arpilleras – Embroidering Resistence (English): : AT A GLANCE: Arpilleras – Bordando a resistência (Portuguese): : AT A GLANCE: Arpilleras – Bordando la resistencia (Spanish): : IN DETAIL: Arpilleras – Bordando a resistência (Portuguese): : Additional

When to step forward and when to step back?

: Published: August 20, 2019:

: : Theo Sowa during a TED Talk; Source: africanfeministforum.com: : A few years ago I experienced how Theo Sowa, Ghanaian activist and feminist left a room full of representatives of northern donors and NGOS speechless and reflective with a powerful and critical speech. She pleaded …

Knowledge Management: Let the drawings do the talking

: Published: July 30, 2019:

KNOW-HOW3000 is all about joint learning and sharing activities. Communities of Practice (CoP) pose a great space for these purposes. In this post we would like to talk about Central Americas CoP and present a quick retrospective of their activities throughout 2018.: : As part of the final report of 2018 on the KNOW-HOW3000 programme our dear colleagues …

Good Practice: Men Empowerment Approach

Country: Kenya; Organization: Support for Tropical Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation (STIPA): : AT A GLANCE: Men Empowerment Approach (English): : AT A GLANCE: Enfoque de empoderamiento de los hombres (Spanish)

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