Travelling to work – in rain or shine – can have some hurdles

Dar es Salaam can experience heavy rains. On a day like this – trying to get to work is difficult. The streets are flooding, few people rush around by food, most are in their private cars.

Today was such a day. After about half an hour waiting, my Bode (motorcycle taxi) is still not here and the rain is not stopping. Next I try Uber for a bajaje (TukTuk), luckily it took only a half hour until one responded. I am sending a message to my organisational WhatsApp group to tell them I am late. “Pole (sorry) Anita”, is their answer.

Finally, in the TukTuk, still raining and I feel the maneuvering of the driver, up on the footpaths, around potholes and carefully through flooded areas (see photo).

Luckily I arrive only 1 1/2 hours late, some of my colleagues are still stranded somewhere …


Anita Langthaller

Anita Langthaller

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