Solomon Mbubi: New Member of the KM Team

Published: September 1, 2021

The Knowledge Management Team of HORIZONT3000 is happy to introduce you to a new, motivated and highly appreciated team player: Solomon Mbubi. Solomon has taken over the coordination of KNOW-HOW3000 in East Africa and will support our Technical Advisors as well as the Partner Organisation with their KNOW-HOW3000 activities.

We are very excited on working together with Solomon. And because we are big fans of getting to know the people behind our projects and teams, we invited him to have a chat with us. Keep reading and find out what he told us about himself and his new position.

Solomon, it’s so nice to have you aboard! Could you tell us a bit about yourself? How would you briefly describe your journey before arriving at HORIZONT3000?

I have been working within the nonprofit sector in Uganda for the past 15 years, before joining HORIZONT3000. I worked with ISRAID Uganda as the Programme Manager for Uganda. My journey before joining HORIZONT3000 has been influenced by learning and development; I have recognized over time that the international development sector is never static, because the challenges that people face change. In order to serve people better, one needs to have an open mind to learn and re-learn and the best trainers are the communities themselves.

What new tasks and aspects come along with the new position for you?

While the position doesn’t necessarily bring new tasks – for it involves planning, implementation, follow-up and reporting – it rather comes with new initiatives and new strategies to broadly support partners to efficiently and effectively serve the communities better through experience capitalization for instance.

What expectations do you have regarding your new position?

Amazing, experienced and brilliant people have done an amazing job over the years in this position. I look forward to learning from the KH3000 systems and making a valuable contribution to Knowledge Management in East Africa.

Is there anything you are particularly excited about?

I am excited to be in a position where I will coordinate and work with partners to learn from their own experiences and the experiences of others (good practices and failures). As an individual who is open to learning, I look forward to working and learning from people with diverse backgrounds. Dreaming is never forbidden… who knows, I may end up as a Knowledge Management expert in the East Africa region.

During our onboarding session you mentioned that if you had to pick an animal to describe knowledge management, you would choose the chameleon. Do you want to share with us why you chose the chameleon?

Chameleons are known for being able to switch colors in less than 20 seconds. There are many reasons for them to change colors: from camouflaging, reacting to changes in the environment, to communicating a change in their feelings etc. The bottom line is: they adapt for survival. Just like chameleons, organizations need to adapt to changes in the environment in order to achieve their goals. While chameleons change colors, organizations learn and strategize and by doing so they change and adapt their concepts and plans. This is where KM comes in by making learning pragmatic.

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah is part of the Knowledge Management Team in Vienna and in charge of the KNOW-HOW3000 platform. She is eager to provide all the tools the KNOW-HOW3000 community hopes to find on the internet platform. So if you have any requests, questions, recommendations or comments regarding the platform, please get in touch with her. She is always happy to hear from you.

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