Sharing Knowledge in Arua

End of November 2019, PALM Corps, AFARD and HORIZONT3000 organised a sharing event in Arua on the topic of securing livelihoods for South Sudanese refugees and Ugandan host communities. As a Flying TA in knowledge management, I assisted staff of the two NGOs in the preparation for and the conducting of the event. It was the first of its kind in Uganda’s West Nile region and participants seemingly enjoyed the open atmosphere and participatory approach including a world café session and an exhibition where beneficiaries told their stories and displayed their products and skills acquired during the project. While events might easily turn into stressful and hectic endeavours, this event flowed nicely thanks to all the helping hands. As a part of the event organisation team, it was gratifying to hear the positive feedback from the attendants.

Annika Witte

Annika Witte

Annika Witte works as a Flying TA in Knowledge Management in Uganda. Annika is contributing to the KNOW-HOW3000 programme, working together on a needs basis with the ROEA and different Partner Organisations from the HORIZONT3000 East Africa TA and finance programmes, with a focus on Uganda.

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