Launch of Resource Mobilisation Manual

Published: August 16, 2021

On 21st July 2021 KNOW-HOW3000 launched a resource mobilisation guide to all our colleagues and partners. We have noticed that our partners in East Africa need support in increasing their capacity to mobilise resources – be it to raise funds from donors or to generate income from social enterprises. While trainings or individual consultancies are very effective tools, we were looking for something that can be available over time and to a broad range of partners. Hence, the idea was born to create a manual to answer the common questions and to be available to current and future partners.

Our TA colleagues Beate Farukuoye and Lisa Nixdorf along with our former colleague Agnes Koechl have created this valuable guide full of explanations, insights and tools around the topic of resource mobilisation. The guide is available as PDF and on the KNOW-HOW3000 website: Check it out! While it is fitted to the East African context, we are certain its value knows no borders.

The launch event was organised online and 32 participants from organisations across East Africa participated. The launch was followed by a WhatsApp training – the first of its kind under KNOW-HOW3000 in East Africa. 53 participants signed up for the training and the first sessions have been a dynamic and vibrant discussion with chat and voice messages and videos. We will share with you more on our experience with this training once finalised.

Annika Witte

Annika Witte

Annika Witte works as a Flying TA in Knowledge Management in Uganda. Annika is contributing to the KNOW-HOW3000 programme, working together on a needs basis with the ROEA and different Partner Organisations from the HORIZONT3000 East Africa TA and finance programmes, with a focus on Uganda.

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