The KNOWLYMPICS 20/21 Winners

Published: April 06, 2021

At the core of our KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Management Programme are learning and sharing processes. In order to promote these among our partner organisations we have developed an Experience Capitalisation Process, which among other things results in the creation of one-page presentations (“Learnings from Good Practices” and “Learnings from Failure” at a glance documents) as well as detailed descriptions of the experience (so called “In Detail” documents of “Learnings from Good Practices” and “Learnings from Failure”). We provide all of the documents that resulted from experience capitalisation processes that have been carried out in our KNOW-HOW3000 community on our internet platform here:

In order to offer an incentive to undertake the process, we have come up with our famous KNOWLYMPICS -the KNOW-HOW3000 Knowledge Sharing Games!

Delighted by the great outcomes and success of the first four editions of the KNOWLYMPICS, this time we set the special thematic focus on

5th KNOWLYMPICS 2020/21

Eight Partner Organisations from six different countries have joined and shared ten very valuable experiences with you and the HORIZONT3000 Knowledge network. The participating organisations have documented their experiences and thereby promoted a learning process within their organisations. While documenting and systematising experiences, a process of reflection is triggered and questions like what has worked and what hasn’t and – most importantly – why are answered. This is where gaining knowledge and learning begins and this is what KNOW-HOW3000 wants to draw on.

The experiences shared within the scope of this year’s KNOWLYMPICS range from advocacy for family planning and against agrotoxins to initiatives against gender-based violence and for community participation. Among the submissions there were one Learning from Failure and nine Learning from Good Practice experiences.

The first prize amounts for € 1.500,- and the second and third prize winners will each receive € 500,-

For drawing this year’s winners we were honored to receive backup from our dear colleague Andrea Vogiatzopulos on her very last official day of work before starting a new chapter in her life: her well deserved retirement. We are very happy to have her participate in the draw, not only because of her celebrating her time at HORIZONT3000, but also because we believe it has a symbolic meaning for knowledge management. One of the goals of knowledge management is to make sure the knowledge and experiences of our colleagues is available and accessible for others as well – even after they leave the organisations. So after having been with HORIZONT3000 since its very beginning, we took the occasion and asked her to draw the winners of our KNOWLYMPICS 20/21.

Ready to get to know the renowned winners?

Fundación Segundo Montes - El Salvador

FIRST PRIZE of € 1.500,-

Second and third place:
Caritas Mityana Uganda und LeMuSiCa Mosambik

Prizes worth € 500,-


CONGRATULATIONS to you and your teams and thank you for making the games possible!

The prize money is supposed to be invested in Knowledge Management or Capacity Strengthening purposes or any other measures that support the work of their projects. In the past, the prizes were used for trainings in monitoring and evaluation, exchange visits and a laptop to support information documentation.

We are very happy about the results of this year’s games and would like to thank all of the participants, because after all:

“[…] it is a very important initiative that gives us the possibility to connect us better” (MIRIAM, Guatemala, KNOWLYMPICS 2017).

Within the upcoming weeks, we are going to prepare and upload One-Page-Presentations and In-Detail Documents about this year’s experiences. Once uploaded, we will let you know and make sure you don’t miss any of the important lessons provided by the participating organisations.

Your HORIZONT3000 Knowledge Management Team,

Elisabeth, Petra, Martina and Sarah

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah Fichtinger

Sarah is part of the Knowledge Management Team in Vienna and in charge of the KNOW-HOW3000 platform. She is eager to provide all the tools the KNOW-HOW3000 community hopes to find on the internet platform. So if you have any requests, questions, recommendations or comments regarding the platform, please get in touch with her. She is always happy to hear from you.

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