About OD

Organisational Development is a key aspect of HORIZONT3000 programmes and programme interventions in all countries, especially within the Technical Advisor Programme. By offering services regarding Knowledge Management and Organisational Development, HORIZONT3000 aims to develop capacities/ structures to enable our partner organisations to deliver better services to their final beneficiaries and to better contribute to changes on societal level. Capacity development of organisations means the development of technical capacities of collaborators/ employees of partner organisations, managerial capacities, methodological capacities as well as learning and networking abilities.

OD and Sustainability

HORIZONT3000 aims to improve learning at organisational level which leads to higher efficiency and improvement of partner organisations structures, methods or services. This has a great potential for sustainability as learning and adapting ones practices is key to sustain in a complex reality as it is found in our partner countries. Further, through KNOW-HOW3000 activities, partner organisations strengthen their networks locally with other organisations working in the same field. This leads to a better coordination of their work, participating in consortia projects and improving their work. All this are key elements for organisational sustainability. Organisational Development contributes to sustainability of organisations as it (amongst other things) also aims to improve funding opportunities for partner organisations.

Toolbox Organisational Development

A pilot project has tested and implemented a toolbox with Organisational Development-Tools, Methods and Instruments. It was also the kick-off to further integrate the topic into KNOW-HOW3000. The objective is to make available documents and tools for organisational development for HORIZONT3000 partner organisations and Technical Advisors in order to support the process of capacity building in organisations and institutions cooperating with HORIZONT3000. If you are a Technical Advisor, you can find more information on the Toolbox and access its content here.



Kristina Kroyer, project coordinator Knowledge Management

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